Childhood Love and Laughter

I have been blessed with the two most awesome parents in the whole world. I could not even begin to put into words how grateful I am for all they have given me. I hope that someday I can be half as wonderful a parent as they were to the six of us. We were fortunate to have an idyllic childhood and we actually kinda turned out okay considering the kids we used to be – and all credit goes to Mama and Daddy for that. As I’ve said before, we didn’t have much as far as worldly possessions go. And there were times that they didn’t know how they were gonna pay the bills or buy groceries. Money was always tight.

We didn’t care. We had everything. Grass stains and skinned knees. Home cooking and piles of laundry. Pretend fights and real ones too. Hide and seek and treasure hunts. Hand-me-downs and thrift-store shoes. Popsicles and backyard picnics. A cooler-than-cool homemade swing set and sandbox. Climbing trees and a swimming pool. Rainy-day coloring contests and time-outs in the corner. We had it all. Our house overflowed with love and laughter. I didn’t realize at the time how awesome we really had it. As a kid, you don’t always see what’s important. It’s not like I was discontented; I was perfectly happy with my life. But I had no idea that I was much better off than most.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those happy, carefree days. I know I can’t. And even if I could, I don’t know that I would. Because if I were to get stuck as a kid forever, then how could I ever raise my own? I have always dreamed of having my own houseful of kids. As many as possible. Some people think I’m crazy. Maybe so. I attribute it to my own blissful childhood. Because I had it so great, I want to give the same happy years to as many kids as I can. Which is probably also why I want to adopt as well. I want them to have an awesome childhood too. I’m not saying that I think I will be a perfect parent. But I feel like I have to give back. I have had so much love given to me, I cannot keep it all to myself. I have to share this love with a family of my own.

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