Food and Cooking

Food, to me, is much more than simple nourishment. It feeds a deeper need than just physical hunger. I absolutely love to cook. It is both calming and cheering at the same time. Whether alone or with someone I love, cooking is guaranteed to boost my mood. After a long, hard day at work, there is nothing better than coming home and preparing a meal. Nothing elaborate, simple and satisfying will do the trick. Not that I don’t also enjoy putting together a meal that takes a little more effort on the weekends. Cooking is an act of creation, of transforming ingredients into something beautiful and nourishing. I believe this is why it has the therapeutic power that it does – because we were all made to create.

Cooking is also an act of love. Cooking for the people we care about is a way of showing that we care. I love cooking for and with my family. Which, in my book, is lucky for them. I also love to entertain. Sharing a meal and human fellowship with our friends satisfies a void that few other things can fill. We are by nature social creatures and food quite often takes center stage at our social gatherings. Food to feed our bodies and human interaction to feed our souls – the perfect pairing. I’ve often wondered why that’s the way it is. Part of it is no doubt that preparing food for others is an act of love. I think it’s also because when we eat, we feel comfortable and at home. It’s a way of bonding with our fellow humans.


Some people eat to live, I live to eat. Sometimes I have to rein in my sweet tooth, but other than that, I believe that I have a relatively healthy relationship with food. Some would disagree with me on that. I maintain that there is nothing wrong with enjoying good food. It’s one of the truest pleasures this life affords. There is nothing better than trying a new recipe or recreating an old favorite or even just enjoying a drive-thru burger. Food is not just fuel to keep us going, eating is not something that must be got through so we can do something else. So the next time your soul needs fed, I have a solution. Go to your kitchen and look in your refrigerator and pantry. Use what you have, then gather those you love to share a meal and fellowship. Above all, be present in the moment and let yourself be refreshed.

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