Why I Love My Life

There are many, many reasons I love my life – too many to enumerate here. Instead, I shall limit myself to only a few.

  • My job is awesome – both fun and fulfilling. And the people I work with are great and seem to like me as well. I also just won employee of the year for 2017, which is incredible.
  • City life agrees with me – more than I ever thought it would, to be honest. I love being so close to everything, I love the things that only a big city can offer, I even love the busyness of it all. Something this country girl never expected to say.
  • Living alone totally rocks. After so many years of sharing everything and almost never having a private moment, it is incredibly refreshing and liberating. I’m enjoying decorating my own space and being able to come and go as I please.
  • I have finally started my vinyl record collection. In fact, I’m listening to one now – a vintage Fleetwood Mac album. Vinyl makes my heart happy in a way few other things can match.
  • And for the first time in a very, very long time, I am completely comfortable and content in my own skin. After too many years of thinking I was unattractive and unlikable, I now realize that neither is true. I have discovered that most people think that I am pretty and that I have a great personality. The boost this knowledge has given to my self-confidence is quite literally off the charts. There are no words to express how amazing this process has been.
love my life

In short, I love my life and I am completely and utterly and deliciously happy. I wish I could bottle this feeling – there are people out there who need a dose of Love My Life potion. But the fact of the matter is this: no two people are going to love the same life. What makes me happy is not going to be the same as what makes you happy. That is something we each must find for ourselves.

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