Aquaman – A DC Film Worth Seeing

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a big fan of DC movies. I’m more of a Marvel girl myself. Wonder Woman is the only one I absolutely love – I am obsessed with that particular cinematic masterpiece. The rest of DC’s attempts to mimic the success of the MCU have ranged from “meh, that was alright” to “ugh, that was horrendous” in my personal opinion. That being said, I just watched Aquaman and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t say it’s as good as Wonder Woman but it is the first one to come close.

Aquaman gets two big things right that DC typically struggles with. First, this movie fully embraces the weirdness and impracticality of its source material. Is the concept believable? Hell no! but that’s the point. Superhero flicks aren’t supposed to be “realistic” and “gritty” – they’re supposed to be outlandish and fun and an escape from reality. Aquaman is escapist cinema at its finest, especially the underwater adventures. It’s also bright and colorful as opposed to drab and gray. The special effects are outstanding, of course; the world of Atlantis and the underwater creatures are breathtaking.

The second thing they got right with this movie is the casting. It felt as though each actor actually was their character. Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna and Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus are two of my favorites. It’s very clear that they both have been acting for a long time and each turned in a stellar performance. Temuera Morrison is not as famous as the other actors but his Tom Curry is outstanding. And the love story between Atlanna and Tom is epic. Amber Heard is of course both beautiful and badass as the leading lady Princess Mera. Which brings me to our leading man – Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, played of course by none other than Jason Momoa himself. Momoa perfectly inhabits his role and brings just the right amount of humor and attitude, not to mention badassery, to the character. Add his looks and charisma to the mix, and this man can do no wrong.

I’m not saying this movie was perfect – some of the characters felt a just bit one-dimensional and the plot drags a little in some spots – but it is far and away better than most of DC’s other movies and well worth a trip to the theater. Even if only to see a shirtless Jason Momoa kicking ass. What? I am a red-blooded woman after all. Happy viewing, y’all.