Myself, the Hat Lady

hat lady

Everything old is new again. A cliché, but still true. One trend that I am very happy to see new again is the wearing of hats. I have two accessories that I’m completely crazy for: hats and rings. I simply adore hats. All shapes, all styles, all occasions. My personal hat collection is still relatively new. I’ve started with the basics – a fedora, a wide-brim, a trilby, a few baseball and cadet caps, etc. in primarily neutral colors. I expect my collection will continue to grow over the years and will eventually include a greater variety of styles and colors. I guess you could call me the hat lady.

I’ve always loved hats. One thing that held me back for a long time was lack of confidence. Unsure if I could pull hats off or what types would work for my face shape or hairstyle, it took me a while to actually take the plunge and buy my first hat. And even once I had a few, it took me a while to feel comfortable wearing them – I was very self-conscious for a while. My first hat was a brown felt fedora. Which is actually an excellent choice for a first hat. But I just got lucky there – starting out, I knew next to nothing about different hat styles. I’ve picked up a little bit of knowledge here and there but I still feel incredibly ignorant on the topic. Another great choice for a first hat is the trilby, which is similar to a fedora but with a smaller brim that’s turned up in the back and turned down in the front. Trilby hats look good on just about anyone.

My personal pet peeve when it comes to shopping for hats, especially online, is the inconsistency and downright inaccuracy of the descriptions. I’m not gonna lie, most of my hats have come from Amazon – you can’t beat their prices or selection. But I’ve seen hats that had both “porkpie” and “floppy sun hat” in their names. And there are even hats listed as fedoras when they are in fact straw mushroom hats. We seem to have lost our knowledge of hat styles and etiquette when hats fell out of everyday use. This is both good and bad, I think. The knowledge isn’t really lost – it’s still there, we just have to look harder for it. But also, since we’re no longer locked into the “do’s and don’ts” of proper hat-wearing, we can kinda make up our own rules as we go. Thank God for Pinterest.

In short, I love both wearing and learning about hats. And while I have many interests, this one is particularly special to me. It’s important, I feel, to have things that are special to us, whether it be certain activities or topics of study or actual things. These things are what makes each one of us different and what helps us find our own sense of identity. For me, being a hat lady is a very important part of my identity.