Koss Pro4S Headphones – A Review

Let me preface this review by saying that, prior to this purchase, I had never spent more than $20 on a pair of headphones. I am not any sort of expert on audio equipment – I consider myself an “aspiring audiophile.” Also, I bought the Koss Pro4S for casual listening, not for any kind of professional use.

First, the backstory. For several years, I’ve been using the Koss UR23iK headphones. They were my favorites for a number of reasons – a comfortable over-ear design, excellent sound quality (for the price), a relatively sleek profile, and an easily affordable price point. I wear glasses and finding comfortable headphones was a struggle until I discovered Koss and their unique over-ear D profile design. The only thing I didn’t like about the UR23iK was the lack of portability. I really wanted a good pair of headphones with a protective carrying case. My search led me to the Koss Pro4S. Here’s six awesome reasons why they are my new favorite headphones.

  • The same D profile as the UR23iK only with softer cushions and a padded headband. The comfort level is unbelievable.
  • With a combination of metal and plastic parts, this is one sturdy pair of headphones. The metal components add a bit more weight than I’m used to, but it is more than worth it for the durability. I have gone through half a dozen pairs of all-plastic headphones in the past 15 years.
  • I love the coiled cable (no tangles!) and the dual choice entry. The pass-through feature is pretty cool too. The cable is thick and sturdy, not flimsy like some. And, if I want, I can use a different cable – longer, shorter, straight, whatever I need.
  • They look good too – sleek and clean, classic yet edgy and modern. The black and silver is very sharp.
  • The sturdy padded case is awesome. I can toss them in a bag or backpack and take them with me when I’m traveling or on the go.
  • Most importantly, the sound quality is phenomenal. Music is crisp, clear, and beautiful. I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of a live performance. The headphones don’t get in the way of the music – they just carry it. Being studio headphones, they are designed to give the most accurate sound, not to enhance the bass or anything else. I know some people don’t like that feature but it was a major selling point for me.

In conclusion, the Koss Pro4S is hands-down the best pair of headphones I have ever used. Worth every penny and more. My search for the perfect pair of headphones has ended for good.