Library Lil and Bookworm Bill

Library LilI bet you think all librarians are mousy little old ladies. Hair rolled up in a bun. Beady eyes peering out at you over the tops of those funny half-glasses. An index finger permanently attached to lips mouthing “Shhh.” Bet you never heard about Library Lil.

Of course, before she was a librarian, Lil was an ordinary little girl. Who always had a book in her hand. From the bathtub to the soccer field, wherever you found Lil, you were bound to find a book. By the time she was 8, she’d read every children’s book at the local library. So she started on encyclopedias. She’d check out a whole set at once. That’s how she got to be so strong – she’d walk down the street with Volume A in one hand and B through Z in the other.

So no one was surprised when she grew up and became a librarian in a nearby town. There was just one itty-bitty problem: the people of Chesterville weren’t readers. They were TV addicts. Now Lil hated TV. In her mind, it was “right up there with poison ivy and mosquitoes.” She got her chance to make a change when a storm knocked the power out for 2 weeks. By the time they had electricity back on, the townsfolk had been completely won over from TV to books. This suits Lil and everyone else just fine – until Bust-‘em-up Bill and his motorcycle gang ride into town.

In the ordinary course of things, Bill and Lil would never have met. But as it happens, Bill is fond of watching pro wrestling on Tuesday nights. And when he finds out that Lil is the reason he can’t find a TV to watch his favorite program – well, let’s just say that sparks are about to fly. A showdown between a librarian and a motorcycle gang – it would seem that the outcome is easy to predict. But to do so is to underestimate our plucky heroine. Bill and his boys have finally met their match – and maybe Library Lil has too.