A Letter to My Future Husband

I am waiting for you. I don’t know where you are or if we’ve met yet. One day, you’re going to walk into my life and I will understand why no other guy ever worked out. And all the heartbreak and loneliness will have been worth it.

I don’t know what you will look like on the outside but I carry a photograph of your soul in my heart. You are both gentle and sensitive while also being strong and tough. You are honest and honorable, passionate and patient. Above all you are fierce in loving and protecting those you care for.

 I should warn you that it will be difficult to get me to completely open up to you. It may take some time to break through the walls I’ve built around my heart. I’ve been burned by people that I trusted too many times. You will have a lot to prove. I’m asking you now to be patient with me.

I’m not expecting you to be perfect. I don’t need a knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet and save the day. You won’t “complete” me. I am a complete and happy individual on my own. I need you to come alongside me and say, “We’re in this together. Through good or bad, we are an unbreakable team.” We will each be our own person but together we will be greater than the sum of our parts.

Together we will build something beautiful and amazing. We will be one of the great love stories of our generation. The kind of romance they write songs about. I know it won’t be easy or perfect but we’ll be in it together and we’ll create our own little world. We will raise our family completely immersed in love and support. I am content knowing that we will find each other when the time is right.

A Letter to My Ex

I don’t know what happened that caused you to go from “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” to blocking me on social media and changing your phone number. Although I’m never going to beg you or anyone to be in my life, I am still filled with unanswerable questions. Part of me wants to say that I don’t care but that’s not entirely true. I’m hurt and confused and I’d give almost anything to know what went wrong. Just for my own closure and peace of mind.

Were you just playing me from the beginning? Did you ever mean those things you said?  Or did you find someone willing to put out and decide you were no longer willing to wait for me? Were you angered by something I said or did? Did you just get tired of the long-distance relationship thing? Did your overbearing mother come between us?

Whatever you reason or reasons for ending us may have been, the way you did it is so wrong. You should have been man enough to tell me the truth straight up instead of just ghosting me. I deserve better than that – I was nothing but good to you. At the end of the day though, I guess that tells me more about your character than all the time we spent together. Walking away from all of this, there are three things that I know for sure. 1. I will be fine. It won’t be hard for me to get over someone who turned out to not be worth my time. 2. You’re the one losing out. I am amazing and worth pursuing and we could have been something really special. 3. Karma’s a bitch. Don’t come crying to me when you get what you deserve.

I could have loved you. We could have been an epic romance. Have a nice life.